Because Only Together We Can

Build a community Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Our mission is to amplify opportunities for local youth on Chicago’s Southeast Side & develop the next generation of community leaders.

We are the future of the Southeast Side and we envision a community filled with radical love.

In the summer of 2018, Southeast Side Youth came together seeking to address the negative stigma of our community, we soon learned that we share a similar struggle across the city of Chicago, and everywhere people of color live.  Community members deserve to be part of the process of bringing ideas of change, deserve the same opportunities to live , and deserve to vision a change that includes them. 

We are fighting for the communities we deserve. 

What We Do

Arts and Culture

Youth deserve to have a platform to showcase and profit from their art. SYA prioritizes this through art markets and community dialogs. It is imperative that we incorporate youth into the vibrant arts and culture that our neighborhood offers. SYA is proud to give a platform to local artists and showcase the Southeast Side’s talent for all to see.


Being informed of issues, resources, and developments in the Southeast Side is critical for our local youth. SYA amplifies this information through our social media channels and panel discussions.

Environmental Advocacy

Youth cannot flourish without a safe and healthy living environment. For this reason, SYA is proud to promote multi-pronged initiatives for the betterment of our planet: such as by hosting tree planting events, clean-up days, and being actively involved in environmental justice and conservation.

Social Justice

Every youth voice on the Southeast Side deserves to be listened to and amplified. SYA firmly advocates for justice and equity in as many intersections of human interactions. We always work to emphasize and uplift youth in mobilizing towards their goals. 

We Would Love to Hear from You

Thank you for your interest in our work. Please feel free to write or message us with your questions or comments.

Based in the Southeast Side of Chicago, area codes 60617 and 60633.
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